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Victory Lap or Starting Line!?

Do you rise to the Challenge? When is the last time you leaped to seek challenge!? I tend to put myself in very uncomfortable spaces. When things are secure, comfortable, and too easy, my skin crawls. I can’t take being… Continue Reading →


“The War of Art” Sit down and write every day no matter what. By doing so you force the powers that be to respond. (muse, the universe, God, creation, the ALL) Whatever you believe in or don’t believe in. The… Continue Reading →

Mental Mush

July 23rd It’s amazing to witness my minds adaption to the roller coaster! Just when I feel like I’ve leveled off, another drop or, better yet, blast off! Navigating through new territory, mentally and emotionally. My spirit and body have… Continue Reading →


July 22nd 8 years later and it still rattles my everything! Hard not to replay the movie of the actual event. Reminds me of how much I miss my boy! Scotty Ford the greatest influence on my life. It’s a… Continue Reading →

Hold on!

Simplify everything to sacrifice. What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals? and dreams? In my opinion, the more you sacrifice the quicker you’ll accomplish your goals and dreams. It’s a simple energy equation. As you have less… Continue Reading →


The inevitable¬†end still rattled my heart and hurt like hell! Can you recall a time you held onto something longer than needed and let emotion overrule logic? I held onto a relationship that was long since done and needed to… Continue Reading →

The price of admission is cheap compared to how much it costs to be a PRO!

What are you working so hard for? What wakes you up in the morning, keeps you pushing through the day, and into the night? Have you put in the work to receive that thing when the universe delivers it? Everybody… Continue Reading →

I don’t like people, but I love people

Those closest to me know I get burnt out on people. When it happens, I disappear. Nowadays I am better at telling people I’m burnt out on people or giving some warning before I disappear. “Going ghost” is part of… Continue Reading →

Purpose instead of choice!

What Happens when you start living a life of purpose instead of choice!? What can be overcome, what can be achieved? Can you recall a time that you thought a task was impossible but had no choice other than to… Continue Reading →

We’re not faking..

You know society convinces us that we’re “faking it until we make it” that the person we strive to be, want people see, that the look we decide each day. Is not our authentic selves because underneath we have fears,… Continue Reading →

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