Do you rise to the Challenge? When is the last time you leaped to seek challenge!?

I tend to put myself in very uncomfortable spaces. When things are secure, comfortable, and too easy, my skin crawls. I can’t take being in that space. I desire very uncomfortable and challenging conditions. That used to be a downfall of mine. Nowadays I have shifted that behavior into an asset. By acknowledging this tendency, developing skills around it, and embracing it. I have been able to use it to catapult my life into bigger creations, goals, and accomplishments!

Its taken years of practice, learning, improvement, and patience. To gain this understanding, well worth every heartache! I have taken my biggest liability and turned it into my greatest asset. That amazes me and the conviction attained because of the process applied to achieve it is unshakable.

I remember for a couple of years it felt like I was being pulled back by a Tsunami, swimming my hardest to outrun its power! In that space for a lot longer than anticipated. All the forces from my past pulling me with all their might… Addictions, resentments, wrongdoings, character defects, horrible behaviors, mistreatment of others, lying, cheating, stealing everything pulling me with all its might. Wanting me back, strengthening me as nothing else could. To make it out of that suction of negative space required persistence I had never shown before. Stamina that had to be built up over years of growth, and strength, I didn’t know I had.

It’s only looking back that I can see the clear purpose of every failure, obstacle, and disappointment was to strengthen me so I could build-up to the man I am today!

Don’t allow people’s opinions of you to slow you down or change your output! Average people will always have shit to say about a person that is out producing them. Remember that the only person that is constantly with you is you. Even if you are in a relation­ship and have some-me laying next to you most nights. The only one that fully and truly knows your mind, thoughts, feelings, and desires is yourself. Therefore the only opinion that should matter to anything you are doing is your own! It’s very easy to hear people’s statements, comments, “help”, opinions, etc. and think twice about what you’re doing. Warning: this will take energy from your purpose.

To be a champion you must acquire the ability to dismiss anything that takes energy from the goal, the purpose. Whatever it is you are building demands all of your attention. It must have all attention in order for the quality to be everlasting!