Those closest to me know I get burnt out on people. When it happens, I disappear. Nowadays I am better at telling people I’m burnt out on people or giving some warning before I disappear. “Going ghost” is part of what the GHOSTLYFE is all about. Similar to the concept of the butterfly in the cocoon. Going inward and disappearing for some time to emerge in a beauty and light never seen before. Believing my purpose on this earth is to create a universal community focused on inspiring the progression of every individual to achieve their highest potential. Oddly enough there are plenty of days I don’t like people. Add to it a career in sales where my livelihood is dependant on great interaction with people?? Where does that leave one? How could my purpose be to inspire billions if I have plenty of days I don’t want to be around anyone?  Is it possible to want the very best for others yet not spend time with them? This is my paradox in life! I get fired up wishing and wanting everyone to have purpose and urgency. To do more, to aim higher, think bigger! We all have the same amount of time in the day. It’s so easy to waste it and get distracted by everything around us. Facebook, Insta, Blogging!(; Movies! Whatever it is, choose your distractions wisely. The same goes for your work when selecting a job. Choose something you can work more than 40 hours a week. It will pay off, the more you work, the more opportunity luck has to find you. Outside of work what are you doing to progress? It’s amazing what reading just a few pages a day can do for your confidence. Accomplishment is the best way to build confidence. The more accomplishments you chain together, the more your confidence will grow. Slowly but surely you will have a desire to strive for more. On to bigger and better accomplishments. So many want to help others before they’ve established enough to even help themselves. I am guilty of this. I’ve been the guy that’ll give my last dollar to help someone and starve myself. I still help where I can, but I’ve learned that its more helpful to an individual to stop enabling and let them fight their way through their problems. When/if they fight out an individual will learn so much more that it’s a huge disservice to keep them from facing their problems. My chief aim and desires in this life are to pull on, any and every energy in this universe to be able to help each and every individual to sprint toward their FULL potential. To be able to speak ONCE to a packed stadium and influence the masses one stadium at a time. To be able to speak and present in such a way that it will strike a chord deep within the subconscious and start the chain reaction! Don’t get me wrong, I am highly introverted and recharge alone. Yet I study and need human interaction I need each and every one of you to accomplish my goal. It’s lofty it’s huge and bold. The only way to live after we’re dead is to do something while we’re alive that’s so amazing for humanity that we will never be forgotten! LET’S DO THIS!! Aim higher, reach further and work harder