What are you working so hard for? What wakes you up in the morning, keeps you pushing through the day, and into the night? Have you put in the work to receive that thing when the universe delivers it? Everybody has their WHY. For some, it’s simple and fulfilled daily. For others, it’s a goal 20 or more years in the making. Each level of progression carries newer more prominent barriers. Have you put in the work and developed the discipline to keep that thing when it is given to you? Never underestimate the amount of sacrifice and determination it’s going to take to hit your target! Realize that the closer you get to your goals the more resistance you will face. This is always true, for the advancing man obstacles will continue forever! Embrace them, love them, grow through them, have gratitude. These are gifts that will keep you in a fit condition to fulfill your greatness. Remeber the ones that excel in the pros are those that have unwavering discipline and unshakable commitment. It’s so easy to get distracted and blur your vision of the future. For this reason, you must refocus continually, and you won’t be able to do that if you’re distracted.  How do you ground, how do you center yourself? Know it, be quick to it, practice and use it. Is your purpose important enough to lose everything in the pursuit of it? To risk all no matter what and know whatever it takes you’re going to accomplish it!? For some it is, and for others, it’s not. I believe there is a way for EVERYONE to find their purpose that is that big. For those that have a purpose that is that big, it’s fantastic! Great! And sometimes just SUCKS!! That enormous purpose will not let you rest. You won’t fit in the “norm.” When people say, “it’s not what you do in public that matters, it’s what you do when you’re alone.” For those that know their purpose, they just smirk. Knowing that their efforts while they’re alone, consist of; listening to self-improvement speeches, studying, reading, writing, and working extra hours. Repeatedly with very few breaks. On the rare occasion, one gets the opportunity to take a break you can be sure that they’re going to take more than full advantage of it! Those that are great at everything they do are that way because they train and practice their mind the same way a professional athlete master their sport. There is a myth in our society that says if we’ll work our ass off to achieve something great that we can then retire early or ease up in life. That sounds nice and wonderful but what happens when the shit hits the fan down the road? What good did easing up do you then? What I’m saying is that once you have fought scraped and crawled your way to the next level, you’ll realize that, “we’ve only just begun.” -Carpenters. (: Really though, make it to a bigger arena, and you’re going to have to step your game up fast! Work harder, practice and study more. Stay up longer! Milk each second for more than it wants to give, progress quicker! You must demand more of yourself every single day, more than you ever have before. I know, it’s cliche, but it’s true… The universe will give you everything you demand! You just better damn sure be ready for the universe to do everything it can to knock your ass off your demands. The universe will only deliver demands to you after it has tested you to your breaking point, believes it has broken you, watches you get your dumb ass up. Knocks you down a few more times, then looks away just long enough for you to jump up and clean its clock! The sad truth is that many settle for much less in life because it hurts to get knocked down and knocked out. It sucks to get up and face it again. And again. Everybody has it in them to take the hits. Find what’s inside you that’s worth fighting for, there is a gift each, and every one of you has, that is magnificent! It wants to give the resolve and grit to WIN. It is crying for you to silence the world and its distractions long enough that you can discover it within yourself! Learn to sit in silence, wander out into nature alone with no electronics, do some yoga. Try new things, try the things that come to you while you stay silent or wander around in nature. Do whatever it takes to discover this force. There is a beautiful soul within us all that is seeking full expression! Find it, try everything you can on your way to discovering that purpose that won’t let you rest! It’s worth it!!!