What Happens when you start living a life of purpose instead of choice!? What can be overcome, what can be achieved? Can you recall a time that you thought a task was impossible but had no choice other than to Nike!? What happened? I bet when you only had one option, no matter how impossible the task seemed at the time, you accomplished it! Odds are no matter how difficult that “impossible” task was, once you completed it, it turned out to be much simpler than you imagined. The spirit of a being is dispositioned to find a way to win and succeed! It’s only after getting the shit kicked out of us by life enough times that people begin to submit and give up. I know we all hear, “it’s all in the mind” most people are sick of hearing this because its never followed up with anything useful. Each individual has the ability to create their own reality exactly the way they want. This is not easy and it is not quick. Do your best to recall a goal you accomplished. Hopefully you have one, odds are in pursuit of that goal there were plenty of obstacles that got in your way. Planned and unplanned. That goal no matter how seemingly big or small came with barriers that had to be broken through. If you are unfamiliar with the world of workshop seminars then I’ll let you in on a little “secret” All of these workshops have a “breakthrough” moment built into the curriculum. A breakthrough is when you identify a false belief, find the truth pertaining to that barrier, and use this new information to, “breakthrough” Very simple, anytime you set a goal and persist until you accomplish it. You connect a series of breakthroughs together and once you arrived at your goal you have crushed beliefs that used keep you from accomplishment. As you repeat this process and set your sights on bigger targets you start winning! Win enough and it makes the statement true, “it’s all in the mind” Your mind keeps track and adds every win to its confidence bank. With this simple process ANYBODY can start winning! IT WILL NOT BE EASY AND IT WILL NOT HAPPEN QUICK. Retraining your mind to work like this takes relentless constant effort. You will fuck up and you will want to quit! If you have a strong enough purpose(reason) to persist you will succeed, as long as you never stop applying the process! Don’t let its simplicity trick you. There is no reason to complicate this or change it. IT WORKS! As you build momentum and set out to achieve bigger accomplishments you will stir up stronger feelings of fear and anxiety than ever before! “Listen to your gut” is the most bullshit lie we are told throughout our lives! It’s only from ignoring the fear and anxiety in the gut that we are able to even give ourselves a chance of achieving our greatness! In pursuit of Legacy you will have plenty of sleepless nights. I believe this happens so we learn we don’t need sleep nearly a much as we think we do. If any individual wants to achieve greatness, discover their legacy, and accomplish their purpose they must sacrifice many of the comforts they enjoy and rely on! The beauty of all of this, in my experience. Is that when you know, believe, and live for your purpose. Life is simplified infinitely! When life is lived with PURPOSE there is never a choice.. Only action, ACTION, and more ACTION!!.. DO NOT under estimate the amount of action it will require to accomplish your purpose.. You will have to accomplish on no sleep, little sleep. You will work until you don’t feel like you can possibly work anymore.. Then with that purpose overpowering you, will come the amazingly beautiful spiritual experience of drawing energy from purpose! Energy you had no idea existed, energy that blasts you into a new dimension. Learn to write your story in the moment, as you go, the way you want it. Let go and let the Universe carry you to where you need to be. Stop fighting it.. prepare yourself to take on ANYTHING it throws at you. Use every moment to get better at LIFE. Follow your heart, do insane amounts of work, and be grateful for every single great and shitty thing that happens! When you continue taking action, no matter what, for a long enough time. Purpose will get behind you, contributing the same as every action you take. The clarity will come, that no matter what happens or what goal I set as long as I work my ass off and never quit, I WILL WIN!!

“Do what is easy and your life will be hard. Do what is hard and your life will become easy” -Les Brown