Life experiences show us the incredible value of a support network. When we share these experiences it opens doors to opportunity, and most importantly, opens our minds and the minds of those around us. My past was that of addiction. On July 22nd, 2011 after a night clubbing I watched my best friend Scotty Ford get ran over and killed by the driver of a car. Murdered by a kid Scotty has been trying to fight that night. This kid got behind the wheel and ran Scotty over killing him instantly. Watching this horrific scene sent me I into a downward spiral that’s hard to explain. Heavy alcohol and drug use, in and out of rehab, my path lead me to the most influential person I’ve met yet. A counselor that was the spark to my dying flame. It was only through my experiences and struggles that this divine intervention was possible. We all have that same flame and just need the right nudge or support to accelerate our fire! My vision for GHOSTLYFE blog is to create a Brand that sparks ambition and lights that fire! By sharing our successes and failures we can better understand what works and what doesn’t work. Let’s learn from each other while working together! EVERYONE brings VALUE!! Join in!!!


— Mark Laxton/GHOSTLYFE Founder/Owner