You know society convinces us that we’re “faking it until we make it” that the person we strive to be, want people see, that the look we decide each day. Is not our authentic selves because underneath we have fears, doubts, questions, concerns, anxieties! It’s a lie! Being vulnerable and sharing these “issues” with others so that we can continue on is as raw as it gets! We strive for authenticity yet are told that everything that stands in ┬áthe way of our authentic self is the very reason we’re faking it! When you look at it, that’s as raw as it gets! That’s as real as you can be. Everybody has all these emotions and feelings every single day.. The harder we push, the stronger they get. You’re not even 25 and you don’t know who you are or what you’re doing?? Good for you! Keep going, don’t rush the processes. I go through the wide range of feelings and emotions in regards to you everyday.. Sad, mad, hurt, resentful, missing, wanna cry, laugh, scream, punch, break.. All of that. I do my best to be productive, somedays it’s great, other days it’s good, others it’s okay.. By the end of the day it’s always positive