Simplify everything to sacrifice. What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals? and dreams? In my opinion, the more you sacrifice the quicker you’ll accomplish your goals and dreams. It’s a simple energy equation. As you have less distracting you, you’ll have more energy to pursue your targets. Once you’ve gone through the process of letting go and have repeated it on anything and everything that isn’t constructive to your goal. The only task that remains is to hold on TIGHT to your dreams! For the last 7 years, I’ve practiced letting go. The same process repeated on hundreds of things (physical, material, metal, emotional, behavioral). I now understand I had to learn to let go to truly be able to hold on! Without this lesson, I never would have seen or understood what was worth holding onto, what my heart could not live without, and what it would never let go of! It’s like closing your eyes to see! Everything in front of us had the power to blind us from seeing what really matters. Keeping us from seeing what we’re really looking for, what we’ve been searching relentlessly to find! That purpose, that calling, the reason to live that won’t let us rest.

What is that for you? Can you still hear it yelling at you? Or have you ignored it long enough you barely notice it?

I know for me I silenced the calling with drugs, alcohol, and anything else I could possibly numb out with. Purpose is tireless, relentless, and unforgiving. It’s not comfortable and sometimes downright shitty! Life tends to pile up and stay in our way doing its best to keep us from answering the call.

What is it that has always whispered to you?

Are you willing to sacrifice to make your way to it until it all you have left to hold onto!?..