The inevitable end still rattled my heart and hurt like hell! Can you recall a time you held onto something longer than needed and let emotion overrule logic? I held onto a relationship that was long since done and needed to end. Scraped and clawed to maintain a connection that was only going to bring hurt. Drawing it out until it created more frustration and hurt than necessary. My ex and I had many great times, moments, and growth in our relationship. But it ended for a reason and holding onto it only made the pain draw out longer.  Humans are funny creatures, we hold onto something because it’s comfortable and familiar even if it’s not the best thing for us. Isolated space is one of the scariest things a human can experience. Limited social circle, working from home, being on your own in a new town. Small pains can become very large, the inevitable happening can be catastrophic. You can never be fully prepared for deep emotions when they hit like a ton of bricks. What do you do when you want nothing more than to crawl into a hole for months at a time? When, you want to recoil from life for a while? Please, someone, tell me the process you go through the system you have in place. Do you chalk up a few days to the overwhelming feelings and embrace the sabotage like I do? For me, I figure if I just let as much and as many feelings and emotions run in as quickly as possible and fully embrace them then I can take that and Irish whip it around and keep my momentum going! That’s my system, that’s my process. Sure I may lose a few days being destructive, depressed, angry, and whatever else. It’s beautiful though because after embracing it and letting it wash over me. I then ALL of those energies to put into; my work, exercise, studies, writing, sales, EVERYTHING! It’s a harnessing of energies I used to avoid. I used to avoid them so much so that I would run myself into burnout and be dominated by these energies for months at a time. Now, I open up to them, let them run wild within me, then utilize them for accomplishment! And the results are beautiful and astounding. I seem to accomplish more than before with less effort or, with ease. Look the point is, we all have so many emotions, feelings, pressures, stresses, heartaches, anxieties, etc. Maybe instead of avoiding or denying them, we need to open the floodgates, let them all the way in, and learn to manipulate their beautiful powerful energy!