“The War of Art” Sit down and write every day no matter what. By doing so you force the powers that be to respond. (muse, the universe, God, creation, the ALL) Whatever you believe in or don’t believe in. The act of consistency draws power to us increasing our potential. There are a number of energies being put into play here. Repetition and practice, each rep strengthens confidence and convention giving us an anchor that subconsciously strengthens us. When our “moment” or “one opportunity” comes are we going to be capable of seizing it? That will all depend on how much action we’ve taken, how much practice we’ve put in! Are the reps there? Did you skip sets or reps or did you push yourself to do more? Did you go above and beyond or did you decide you are okay with average?

I want to see everyone be extraordinary! To rack their potential mercilessly! To stretch it until it breaks then put it back together better than it was before! Now, to be able to do so requires that we learn skills, attitudes, and behaviors that are extraordinary because picking up the pieces after pushing yourself until you break is no easy task! It’s actually quite a difficult space to be in. Destroying yourself on the path to creating a better you is, scary, exhausting, painful lonely!

What is your purpose? Is it great enough to force you to pursue it? will it carry you through the days that the only thing you want to do is quit? Have you developed the discipline to accomplish it or do you have the patience and grit to get there? Don’t let the lack of disciĀ­pline stop you before you get started. If you truly want something you’ll push through anything and everything that stands in your way! And trust me, when you pursue a goal ALL IN everything will stand in your way. It’s easy to misunderstand this. So easy to say” I guess I’m just not supposed to do this or have that” This is bullshit, if you can project your vision to what it’ll be like when you achieve that goal you will see that the truth is. That obstacle, failure, downfall, or set back is the very thing that will get you to where you can take possession of everything you desire!

We must get honest with ourselves. Is the person you are today truly capable of receiving and keeping everything you desire? If You’re honest, odds. are there are skills, habits, attitudes, and behaviors that you need to develop and strengthen in order to get and keep what you want. Practice is the difference-maker. Sacrifice will always be part of the equation. What are you willing to sacrifice in order to gain what you want? The time, energy, and effort to attach and maintain massive success is something that cannot be shorted.

How’s your “long game”? Do you have the patience and persistence to continually take determined progressive actions over time, even when the results aren’t showing? Can you stick to a purpose and keep the faith to not give up on it in the moments it all seems stupid? What do you do on the days that you do nothing? When it seems as though everything is working against you, nothing is going right, and there seems to be no point. Will you be able to stay grateful!?

This is not supposed to be easy. Life does not give out awards just cause. There is an art to rolling with the punches. Being able to persist through any and everything requires great strength and conditioning. Our mindsets are either hardened or deteriorated and we have the power and ability to choose which of the two. You can choose to deteriorate or you can choose to; practice thinking, acting and persisting with faith and purpose. But you must be willing to put in the work! Day after day, rep after rep, failure after failure. One day we will all have the strength, stamina, and skills to receive and keep everything we desire! But first we must prove we will show up and persist no matter what is put in our way, we must prove we are willing to do Whatever It Takes! that we have the WIT and Grit to force all energies to work in our favor!

Will you get everything you want? Why do you believe your answer to that question?