Life is what you make it.. I’m cliche, I know. The only reality that exists is the one you create. The one you choose to believe. The more I think about it the more I’m convinced that commitment and effort are the only things that truly exist. If you have a true 100% commitment to something, anything and your affirm that with endless effort it will become reality. Boil it down, everything in life is a distraction. No matter what it is we choose. Sometimes they’re constructive and sometimes they’re destructive. From this perspective everything can be simplified. Is this what I want? Does this get me closer or further away from what I want? Where do I want to be? What’s my path to get there? Just thinking about questions like this can help you formulate a path to what you want. The tricky part is navigating that path and getting back on it when you fall off. Pushing forward when the sickness in your stomach strengthens with every step you take. Once you’ve pushed into unchartered territory a thousand times over. The upset stomach doesn’t go away, it doesn’t get weaker, it strengthens! “It takes brass balls” to keep stepping out there willing to get rocked by a haymaker! Those who get what they want in life are the ones that demand what they want in life! Then follow that demand up with tireless painstaking effort! The ones who against all odds, exhausted, hungry, broken… stand up again and again no matter what. The ones that realize one more rep in life can always be followed up by one more rep, by one more rep. Continually no matter how ugly, how hard, the strength is developing and soon enough they start winning!! Once any person starts winning in this manner!… Look the fuck out, get out of the way. Cheer them on, or not. It’s Game Time!