Beautiful Disaster

Life’s a trip… As humans we do our best. Sometimes our best results in lying, cheating, stealing, and abusing. The depths of pain caused by these actions are a two way street. The perpetrator experiences a demoralizing disappointment in themselves. While the victim has to pick themselves up ¬†from a paalyzing pain created by the one they love. Each and every day we get to choose how we react to these happenings. We get to take actions that either allow us to strengthen and prevail or weaken and crumble. We fear crumbling, believing that will be the end of us. We turn and run, we hide, recoil, and fight against it. Scratching and clawing against the pull that threatens to crumble us. Humans are amazing because when we stop fighting and embrace crumbling into dust and ashes. We find the ability to rebuild and rise out of the dust. If you feel you’re watching yourself be reduced to nothing, let go, embrace it, survive it! When everything has been stripped away and we seem to have nothing… It’s in that moment of clarity, we realize we have everything!