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What’s your distraction?

Life is what you make it.. I’m cliche, I know. The only reality that exists is the one you create. The one you choose to believe. The more I think about it the more I’m convinced that commitment and effort… Continue Reading →

Life keeps getting better!

Beautiful Disaster Life’s a trip… As humans we do our best. Sometimes our best results in lying, cheating, stealing, and abusing. The depths of pain caused by these actions are a two way street. The perpetrator experiences a demoralizing disappointment… Continue Reading →

The Mecca!

Mall of America Bloomington, MN! If you have never been to this mall it’s a must! Ranging anywhere from 3-5 levels of non-stop shopping. Restaurants, clothes galore, toys, games, coffee, tea, art, Theme Park!! I wandered around it all… Continue Reading →

The concussion..

What do you do when you’ve had your bell rung? When life hits you so hard you can see straight, you can’t hear right, you don’t know what direction is what! Ever had this happen? From my experience, these are… Continue Reading →

Raw real life!

In todays world we’re conditioned to believe that the perception of “perfection” is the truth. Often times we forget about the hard times, the dark ugly secrets that stay behind closed doors. We act like it’s all easy breezey. The… Continue Reading →

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