What do you do when you’ve had your bell rung? When life hits you so hard you can see straight, you can’t hear right, you don’t know what direction is what! Ever had this happen? From my experience, these are the times that are most fulfilling and satisfying. When I look back I realize the amount of determination, perseverance, and work that it takes to make it trough, “the concussion” brings so much confidence and momentum you’re all the better for it! On the other hand… “The concussion” also has the power to keep you stuck in that lucid state of depression and do-nothing. I’ve experienced this as well. Wanting nothing but bed, numbing with; substances, food, and behaviors. Being lost in the dark abyss of sorrow and pity. Climbing out of this space is a long strenuous journey. One that takes more persistence than anything. It’s all about making little bit of progress no matter how small or ugly that progress might look. On the bright side this space can be shifted and conquered. With the same few actions. Determination, perseverance, and work! Quoting the movie based on a true story Bleed For This “It’s not that simple. That’s the biggest lie I was ever told. The truth is, that it is. If you just do the thing that they tell you you can’t then its done and you realize it is that simple and it always was” -Vinny “The Pazmanian Devil” Paziena